I’m doing a bit of a new series on my vlog which I think could be either pretty interesting or entirely boring.

I’m going to be sharing a little bit of how to build an app.

It’s going to be a bit cluttered as one of my goals of this sort of documentation is to not do much planning with it (document, don’t create!).

This is a bit atypical for me as I like to format these types of things in a structured way (you can see my blog series that I’ve done in the past as a perfect example).

But, in this series via the vlog I’m just going to chat candidly about the things that I think about as I’m thinking about them. Today I’ll most likely talk a little more about this:

So, that’s that. Hope you subscribe or follow along. I can’t promise that it’ll be good (it hasn’t been that good, tbh) but I can tell you that you’ll get to know how I actually think and do these sort of things.

At least that’s my hope.

Finally, it’s worth knowing that I don’t haveĀ too much time for building any app(s) as I’m fully engaged with my startup. If I can put in an hour (or two) every few days then I feel really good about that. Sometimes, as you’ll see today, all I have time for is justĀ thinking about the project. That’s it.

This might seem even more interesting as I’ll probably share my thoughts on how to juggle this a bit and how sometimes you simply can’t invest any time or energy when you want to.

If building something on the side while you still have full-time responsibilities in other areas of life resonates with you, even in the slightest, then, it might be worth tuning into the series.

Who knows how long it’ll go on for and when we’ll eventually ship, but, the “Let’s Build an App” playlist will be updated as I pump them out.

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