Build Something Real

Today started out with some really great shit via Twitter—take a look:

This troll leaned into my brother and I this morning telling us that we’re “having a mental breakdown” (very possible!) and that I need to be doing more with my life. I’m trying to read-between-the-tweets, but, you never know what they’re really talking about.

My response?

Sometimes it’s just too early in the morning for this shit.

Some folks would say that I need to slow down and spend less time building stuff, but, what do I know!

When these types of comments hit my stream it’s easy to get discouraged and want to fight back. I’m grateful for the many years of experience that I have dealing with this type of stuff but I won’t lie—sometimes they win.

What keeps me strong is my community, and more specifically, the amazing #yeniverse that is pouring into me daily. And, sometimes, I get amazing feedback like this via Casey, who is one of the first-ever graduates of the YEN.CAMP program:

Casey is going places! Click his face to read his review!

When folks say that I don’t “build stuff” I laugh, because, it’s simply not true. But, that’s not really the point of this post nor is it about building or shipping things—it’s about being able to get back on the horse when you get knocked down, even if it’s from a random comment on the internet.

My community makes me strong.

It’s everything for me. When I get beat up, I reach out. When I need help, I ask. When I need support, I text, email, call. I’m generally unafraid to ask for help—you should do the same.

Building something real doesn’t always mean a software product or technology or anything physical or online. Sometimes, building something “real” is about building the bridges for new (and exciting!) relationships to form—now we’re talking.

Become resilient, formidable, with a smaller community. This is how it’s always been and how it will always be.