Running a Business at 10 Years Old

I couldn’t be more excited for my 10-year old who is now, officially,  one of my business partners. She’s going to take over an existing revenue-generating project and, over time, oversee all of the administrative and operational needs.


Today was the first day of “training” and I captured a bit of this via the VLOG:

A few of my motives for doing this are as follows:

  1. I want her to learn, as early as possible, how rewarding it can be to run a business and how fun it can be to create something of value, for others and for herself.
  2. I want her to understand how difficult it can be to manage a project end-to-end and how much of life is really just hard work.
  3. I want her to learn the fundamentals of accounting and finance, much earlier than I did. I had to learn in environments where there was a distinct penalty for getting it wrong but here we can encounter these things without threat of significant damage.
  4. I want her to experience the feeling of satisfaction when things go well and then also feel the pressure of building something sustainable, especially when it doesn’t work.
  5. I want her to learn how to ask for help and have that as a natural part of her daily life. There’s no room for ego or arrogance in business-building.
  6. I want her to encounter, as early as she can, the reality that money does not ultimately satisfy and the sooner she can learn this truth the better.
  7. I want to be able to build a deeper relationship with her through this project in a way that we haven’t really been able to yet.
  8. I want this to be a big part of how she does her hackschooling program and also, for a bit of CYA if I’m honest, some more “tangible” artifacts for her to in the future for college and all that good jazz.
  9. I know that this will be an important part of her life journey and story and I’m excited to participate in curating experiences for her.
  10. Finally… I like the idea of getting one of these smaller projects off my plate!

There are a few other things but I think I’ll stop there. I really loved hanging out with her in this way and I’m grateful for the time and opportunity to export the knowledge that I have into someone that I deeply care about.