ChairCo: Business Acceleration

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Last week was the final class for my ChairCo class and they survived!

I am so proud of each of them as they have graduated with flying colors! Big high-fives to Tasra Dawson, Eric Jones, and Ivan Bickett for working their tales off in the last 4 weeks – ask them if they thought it was worth it and I’m pretty sure they’d give you some neat responses. In fact, I think they’d welcome the opportunity to share with you!

The last week and class was about refining their business strategy, business models, and how they are going to accelerate their new (or existing) organizations further, faster. We walked through tons of stuff including marketing, product development, partnership ideals, networking, and more. Even those that had some background in these particular areas were able to see it in a new light since the previous 3 weeks gave them an new perspective and lens to see it with.

It was a great time and I can’t believe I have gotten to be a part of their lives in the last few weeks – what an honor and privilege! I’m very excited about this coming year for each one of them as they’ve been given more clarity, focus, direction, and resolve as to where they need to go next. It won’t be easy but it’s going to be a heck of a ride! I plan on following up with them over the course of the year to assist and support them as they execute against their new plans.

Last week we spent time in 151 Locust, a coworking spot in Decatur. We spent the morning at Urban Grounds and then headed over for some intense class and presentation time:

One of my students deep in thought.

I really like the shot of my shoes here. Don't ask me why.

One of the neat things that we were able to do is shoot some video for the class and my organization ChairCo. The students were more than willing to spend a few moments in front of the camera! Big thanks to Ron Dawson and his crew who showed up to support!

Took some video for testimonials.

I’m not as comfortable on camera in this type of circumstance and I often stumble through with what I want to say – I’m going to have to work on that this year!

What an incredible class and I’m excited about the next one that’s already starting to get filled.

If you’re interested here is quick break-down of what you can expect and what you should know about the 4 week intensive:

  1. It’s a 4 week super-intense class. We focus on developing/understanding your strengths, core motivational theory, building action plans/methods for execution, and then crafting business plans for new businesses or refining existing ones.
  2. Lots of homework. Daily. 1-2 hour commitment per night. It’s like a MBA on steroids for 4 weeks.
  3. Daily interaction via online tool with other members of the class.
  4. Meet 4 times physically between 4-5 hours once a week around metro atlanta. You can opt to skype in once if you need to.
  5. Phone call at least once a week for 1-on-1’s.
  6. Must be teachable and ready to learn. Self-motivation is important here. Must be humble and be able to interact with people you’ve just met with.
  7. Must be ready or at least emotionally prepared for significant change – people emerge out of this class with a completely different perspective on who they are, where their businesses must go, and even financial modeling of their lifestyle and trajectory.
  8. Cost is $1950.00. I provide 3 books, notebook, and meals. Full payment is due via check on or before first class date. There are no refunds so commitment and scheduling are key.
  9. No class starts until all three seats are filled. I will at times interview candidates to make sure it’s a good fit via phone call or skype. I will reject many potential students because they may not be the right fit for the current class.
  10. After three confirmed seats are filled we coordinate schedules and establish first class date.

I’ve got one seat filled and more than a few people attempting to make commitments. If you’re ready to have a serious conversation then please feel free to email me!

Want to see the other previous weeks and what is generally covered?

  1. Week 1 – Strengths
  2. Week 2 – Core Motivation Theory
  3. Week 3 – Methods of Execution and Action
  4. Week 4 – Business Acceleration

Hope to hear from you soon!