Building a Killer Business and Corporate Blog

Rising to the top...!

I spend a lot of time consulting to businesses and business leaders who are interested in building successful blogs and surrounding properties that augment and enhance their organizational presence on the web. I do this often enough that I thought it might be valuable to export this knowledge into you guys so that you don’t have to ever pay me to consult!

So for the next week or so I’ll walk through some of the strategy that I employ as I walk through some of the thoughts, mechanics, and execution points for a business, both big and small. In fact, a lot of you smaller startup businesses will find some great value in here as you may have one of the better opportunities to significantly impact your bottom line.

Here is the Table of Contents (subject to change):

  1. 10 Inspiring Corporate, Business Blogs
  2. 3 Questions to Ask Before You Launch Your Business Blog
  3. Setting Specific Goals for Your Corporate, Business Blog
  4. The 5 Major Types of Corporate & Business Blogs
  5. Creating a Simple Editorial Policy for Your Corporate Blog
  6. So, What Exactly Are You Saying with Your Business Blog?
  7. Performance and Measurement for Your Business Blog
  8. Considering the Technical Components for Your Business Blog
  9. Scheduling and Responsibilities for Your Corporate Blog
  10. 5 Keys To Make Your Business Blog Visually Awesome
  11. 10 Tips on How to Push Down Negative Search Results

Hope this series will be helpful for you! Let me know if you’d like anything covered specifically!

[Image via Alex]