But Where Are the Crosses?


I took my mother and father in-law to my place of work the other day and it was the most encouraging event so far in our effort to get them to think and consider the idea of Christ and the Church.

My father-in-law (atheist) and mother-in-law (very active Buddhist) were awestruck as I showed them late last night all the environments of Buckhead Church, from the parking lot to the escalators, to all the creative environments for each age-group.

When I walked them into the balcony level of the main auditorium there were audible gasps; they had never seen anything like it. The last time they stepped foot in a church was a small baptist church in Augusta, Georgia more than 4 years ago for our wedding ceremony; I think that auditorium sat 200…? They were now looking at 2,000+.

But the neatest thing was her comment immediately following:

Where are all the crosses?

I smiled. It was the proudest moment of our small tour.

My wife explained to them how, at Buckhead Church, we wanted to be a bit different in terms of how we presented ourselves to those that would walk through our doors; we try to make our visitors feel as welcomed as possible and not feel like “church” as it’s typically understood.

She nodded with approval.

We continued to show them the building and landed last in the area called “Starting Point” where we engage with our new visitors who are interested in learning more about our church and faith and community. I explained this and my father-in-law chuckled:

Ah, so this is where they have to listen to the “sales pitch” right? Where you bring your “sales” team?

I laughed. His perception was legitimate since that’s all he’s been exposed to: Christianity pitched and sold to potential clients and customers who would then, after their “membership” was accepted with completed application, be able to use the services, resources, and facilities of the building and the faith.

But that’s fine. We’re working on that.

Thanks God for the opportunity last night to show them what I do, where I do it, and to share with them a little bit more of Your heart for them. Please continue to work in their hearts as they grapple with the mysteries of your majesty and the amazing offering of love.

I love what I do and where I do it. Thanks Buckhead Church.