I Bought $5,000 Bitcoin Yesterday…

Yesterday was kind of a neat day as I decided to personally invest some capital into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large.

It’s 100% due to my brother’s influential remarks, his research, and most obvious is his amazing financial returns that he’s already experienced. He’s gone “pro,” essentially, at this point in time and I’ve been watching him make calls and trades daily.

It was kind of inevitable I suppose.

But, I make mention of this on the larger Fireside Chat that I had with him about the power of relationships and how I was slowly convinced by someone that I trust about doing something new and different.

I think our lives are highlighted by trusted friends and colleagues investing their time and energy into helping us make smart decisions with our time and money and limited resources.

I share a few more thoughts about this journey over 3 videos, which you can find here:

Above is just my daily vlog and a few snippets of the much larger conversation that we had, which you can find below:


And then, of course, here’s the actual transaction of me purchasing $5,000 worth of Bitcoin:

It felt a bit anti-climactic but that’s because I was so thoroughly convinced over such a long period of time that it almost felt like a foregone conclusion.

But, I’m excited to be part of our technological future in this way. My goal is to own at least 5 BTC and then I suppose I’ll just hold on to it… until it’s worth… … … a lot of freakin’ money.

I may look into other cryptocurrencies but I’ll take my cues from my brother on what to invest in next.

This kind of goes without saying, but, you should definitely subscribe to my brother’s YouTube Channel, Bitesize Bitcoin, and tag along with him as he grows his new channel and shares his learnings and perspectives with folks.