Testing BuySellAds Spot, No Need to Worry!


I am now using BeaconAds.com as my advertising platform instead of BuySellAds. It’s pretty much the “same difference” at this point, but thought you should know!

This is a “Public Service Announcement.”

In an effort to keep everything as completely transparent as possible, I am currently testing the BuySellAds platform on TentBlogger‘s sidebar with a very small (300 x 25 pixels) banner advertisement.

***Update: I’m testing BeaconAds.com instead of BSA.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I will not be directly advertising on TentBlogger for some time (read my thoughts on when you should start advertising here) and as a result this spot is not for sale unless you want to give me $9,999.00 dollars for nothing (which I wouldn’t be upset if you did!).

BuySellAds (and BeaconAds) is one type of advertising network that I’ve discussed here in the Making Money Blogging series and is a somewhat closed network where you have to apply to get accepted based on a number of metrics including site traffic or previous successful blogs.

TentBlogger was instantly accepted as a result of my long-standing experience with their platform (and other properties) as well as the traffic already present.

My reason for putting up a “test” ad is to start sending data to the BSA just in case I use them long-term as a monetization strategy, which is very likely.

This ends the “Public Service Announcement.”