I’m Gonna Have Dinner with My Family

via Stewart on his departure from The Daily Show:

I’m gonna have dinner, on a school night, with my family, who I have heard, from multiple sources, are lovely people.

I wonder how true that really is.

Don’t we all want to be home for dinner with the family? It’s a simple enough concept and for some of us this has never been a problem.

But there have been times in my life when this was not the norm and where I was fighting to get home to my family. During those times I would lose that fight more often than not.

Is it really about “dinner”? Probably not. I mean, it’s probably bigger than that. It always is. There are a ton of incredibly-healthy families with incredibly-involved moms and dads that do not show up for dinner regularly; they find other avenues of investment and time as each family dynamic is different.

At least for myself it’s always been the bigger idea, the concept if you will, of what I wanted my family experience to be that was in contention with the work that I was doing, the startup that I was trying to build, the app project that I couldn’t let go of.

And now as a more seasoned and more mature professional adult I have a better idea of when that tension grows and I am able to identify it acutely, talk through it with my spouse, and create solutions that can work. It is not easy but it is necessary.

The question, always, is whether I am willing to engage and make the tough decisions that are required of me. Am I willing to give up that project, that startup, that company, that (unhealthy) lifestyle so that I might pursue one that is better? The answer seems obvious, even as I type it, but I know deep down that moving forward is never as easy as expressing intent.

I wish Jon Stewart the very, very best. He’s entertained me greatly.

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