👋🏼 Teeny Tokyo

I shared recently the release of MNML App which has had the good fortune of being Featured in the Mac App Store, which, of course, is fantastic.

But I also shared in that post that I’ve been in the process of focusing my efforts and time into just a few things now… and when I mean “a few” I’m being quite literal.

Right now my life is centered around my family and my startup. There’s this vlogging project that I’m working on as well but thankfully I’ve managed to create a daily workflow that has reduced the total number of hours per day to just a few, if not less than an hour total.

What I’ve done, essentially, is reduce my own personal expectations of myself which has psychologically reduced the anxiety and stress around this personal creative project and allowed me to just execute against original goal: Produce one video a day.

It was easy, then it became hard, and now it’s become easier again.

But, I’m on a tangent… part of the effort of focusing my time has meant removing all of the indie projects that I’ve been working by either finishing and launching them into the wild (a’la MNML App) or removing them entirely.

An example of this is Teeny Tokyo which I created almost 2 years ago. I was reminded of this with a recent email in my inbox that told me that the domain name was about to expire:

Consequently, I decided to remove the app from the store as part of my efforts to focus my time and energy.

Remove from the App Store

It was a great small indie project and I had fun putting it together. The financial outcome was small, especially compared to Desk App and even MNML App (already) but the point of shipping an independent project is not about fiscal outcomes, at least not for me.

I build because I can. I build to express myself in a specific way. I build because I need something for my own use. I scratch my own itch, as they say.

And then, when the itch is scratched… I can put it away and feel good about the time spent. It was well invested.

So, with that, goodbye Teeny Tokyo.

The Homepage…

Oh.. and the plush doll was pretty amazing, huh?

Teeny Tokyo!