Goodbye Vimeo

I went ahead and deleted my entire Vimeo account as I was unable to find a mass or bulk-delete function – boo on you Vimeo as you promised that you’d build it but never did.

It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been a part of that network for over 5 years – I raved about the service when it first came online and continued to do so until it began to really atrophy as a technological solution. Something happened with the service and it stopped innovating.

In fact, it stopped iterating entirely, or so it seemed. It would go without updates or improvements for months if not years. So sad.

I have put up over 500+ videos there, most of which were primarily displayed on this blog. The decision to delete the account wasn’t as much financial as the yearly cost was minimal – but it was simply another step in my personal journey of simplifying my life.

And it wasn’t a decision taken lightly either since I would immediately break all those video embeds. And you know what, I’m not sure I care much about that.

If you do find a broken video though and care enough to let me know I’ll try to find it and re-upload it to my Youtube channel which I’m using more, especially for my current project Pressgram. I’m not in love with Youtube but since it is part of the global Google family and I find myself logged in constantly it’s one less thing for me to do.

Goodbye Vimeo. This time it wasn’t just me, it was definitely you.