Squirrel with nuts. Very loose connection with caching...  Random? Yes.

Squirrel with nuts. Very loose connection with caching… Random? Yes.

The newest build, which I haven’t released yet, improves significantly a few things worth noting below.

Also, since it’s July 4th week/weekend things have been a little “off” for me so I apologize for not getting an updated build to you – I’m trying to work out another trip to DC to see my youngest brother and his wife (they just finished their first year of marriage and both graduated med school) so that’s top priority right now.

But back on subject, caching of data is important as it saves time in the app, speeds up user experience, and can save on costs when done right.

The newest build has these:

  1. Caching data of images for the home screen. Please make sure that it’s working by turning off your internet/wifi setting and connection! My hope is that you can use this when you’re not directly connected. I wasn’t sure about this at first because it increased the amount of work significantly but I think it’ll help “stickiness” of the social networking side. I think…
  2. I have set the optimal resolution for posting to blog which is 1,200 x 1,200px, so you can check it out in new the build. I believe most themes, even with the full-page layouts, rarely do reach this width so most blogs should easily be covered. Even my big image in this blog post isn’t even 1,000px. However you will notice that WordPress will resize images based on layout which is related to your particular theme, naturally.
  3. Added some basic stuff (but important) drafts of the ToS and Privacy.
  4. Filters have been named and the # of them reduced for launch. I’ll have another blog post about that later.

Hopefully I can get you guys a copy by the end of the week but don’t hold your breath – I’m really out of pocket this week and have busting my butt in the past few weeks so as to take a legitimate break from all of this.

Rest – the importance cannot be overstated!