Calendar Disorder

I agree:

I want as absolutely little in my calendar as possible. I’m meticulous about it. Whatever the least amount possible I can have in my calendar without killing my career—that’s what I want.


Time. Time is our most irreplaceable asset—we cannot buy more of it. We cannot get a second of it back. We can only hope to waste as little as possible. Yet somehow we treat it as most renewable of all resources.

So if you’re asking if we can chat or get together. The answer is no.

I don’t particularly like the use of the word “anorexia” though, which was the term used in Ryan’s blog post because that is a serious biological and psychological disorder that shouldn’t be taken lightly… I’d rather use some other term… but, I can’t think of a better one right now.

… … … …

Maybe “avoidance” or “disorder” is a better way of saying it… “Calendar Disorder”… yeah, I like that. I have that, for sure.

Reviewing Paul Graham’s great essay on Managers and Makers should be a consistent, yearly read.