California LLC: 10 Minutes

The power of knowledge!

Here’s a great (and quick) overview of how to create a California LLC in 10 minutes (or less):

  • A $20 fee to file your initial Statement of Information, which is due within 90 days of forming your LLC (we’ll go over this later)
  • An $800 LLC “tax” paid annually at tax time
  • An LLC “fee” if your total revenue for the year is greater than $250,000. If your total revenue is less than $250,000, you don’t have to worry about this fee.

That’s really all it takes. Get more specifics from this fantastic blog post.

It’s worth noting that if you are planning on raising venture capital, then, you’ll eventually have to convert this to a C-Corp. There are a bunch of differences, obviously, but, you can start with an LLC.

Get it done.

Sometimes it’s just faster (and cheaper) to do it yourself.

Oh, and by the way… services like LegalZoom suck. NEVER EVER use them. I tried them a while back and they are the absolute worst. I hate LegalZoom… “hate” is the right and appropriate word here.

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