A Calm, Intentional Pace.

@timwco and I found some time to catch-up and chat through not just our goals for June but also family, birthdays, protests, and the insane political theater that’s going on… and everything in between.

The best thing that Tim and I have is together isn’t a shared, common vision for a small, fun iOS app (although that’s cool and hip and shit), but rather a well-worn and time-tested relationship where we can weave in and out of topics without skipping a beat.

Hell, we just like chatting.

But, we did eventually get around to talking through the goals for June and here’s what we’ve come up with:

  1. Official landing page for http://twin.camera
  2. 2 posts on Indie Hackers

That’s it! This post is one of them and the next post will include a few thoughts on example apps that we’ve been test-driving as well as some technical stuff that we’re diving into… Swift 5 anyone?!

I’ll get the landing page done in the next few weeks.

[Originally posted on Indie Hackers.]