📻 — Human, Social, Relational Capital in Communities

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A good reminder:

Rolling up your sleeves and actually shipping something is much, much more valuable. If you take no other advice from me ever, ship something. You’ll learn more shipping a failure than you’ll learn from reading about a thousand successes. And you stand an excellent chance of shipping a success — people greatly overestimate how difficult this is.

via kalzumeus

Oh, and his numeration of the “3 Types of Capital” is also a useful reminder:

  1. Human capital — The skills you’ve built up over time and the value you’re able to create as a result of them.
  2. Social capital — The ability to call on someone who trusts you and have them do something in your interest, like e.g. recommend you to a job.
  3. Reputational capital — The way your name rings out in rooms you aren’t even in, simply when your topic of expertise comes up.

Hopefully, as he mentions, “in a good way” for the last one. We’re missing a number of other “capitals” but I like the focus on relationships and humans. We are all about creators and community, of course.

Good stuff to noodle on: How does one build these things inside a community? How do you incentivize or encourage the development of “capital” inside / outside a growing business?

Hey! I’ve started a bit of a bookclub with a handful of folks inside our BETA; I thought I’d open it up a bit more! Details here:

✅ — “Change by design” by Tim Brown: https://amzn.to/3vqsLd8
📅 — Starting April 1!! We’ll walk through it once a week for 10 weeks (10 chapters):
1️⃣ — April 1 — Getting under your skin
2️⃣ — April 8 — converting need into demand
3️⃣ — April 15 — a mental matrix
4️⃣ — April 22 — building to think
5️⃣ — April 29 — returning to the surface
6️⃣ — May 6 — spreading the message
7️⃣ — May 13 — design thinking meets the corporation
8️⃣ — May 20 — the new social contract
9️⃣ — May 27 — design activism
🔟 — June 3 — designing tomorrow.

I think it should be a pretty fun read.