Career Development as an Indie Developer

I was asked this great question via Wiselike recently:

As an indie app dev, is career development also part of your plan?

It’s easy to keep track while in the corporate setting but I imagine it can take a backseat when freelancing?

Here’s my response:

Career development, when done intentionally, is very, very powerful.

So whether you’re an “indie” or working in the context of a company you have to remember that the person MOST responsible is YOU. If you aren’t the champion of your own personal growth and health then who will do it for you?

I think most freelancers, especially in the beginning, don’t consider this as an issue… or they might see it as a relief since they don’t have to worry about those pesky and seriously-bad “360 performance reviews” and the like…

But that’s more because the company that they were just a part of did it terribly… not because they were fundamentally bad!

Personal growth is a personal decision… most will go about life just picking up things here and there over time… but those that take an intentional look at it will always grow faster and go further.

If you’ve got a question, I’ll answer it over at my Wiselike page!