Catalyst One Day Blog Special!

I’m a big fan of Mr. Andy Stanley. I mean, I have to be, right? He’s my boss.

Just kidding (not about the boss thing though…); I was already a fan of Mr. A to the S before he signed my paycheck. And, I get to hang out with him all the time (well, not all the time, but, a lot. … … Well, not a lot, like, we don’t go to Starbucks together in the mornings…)…


You can seriously get some incredible teaching and insight from him at Catalyst One Day (which would be much more comfortable than standing behind him at Starbucks trying to have light chit-chat…)!

Catalyst One Day is a one-day leadership experience featuring Andy Stanley (my Pastor) and Craig Groeschel (not my Pastor, but still very cool). The next One Day event will occur on Thursday, March 25, in Chicago at Willow Creek Community Church.

In this unique event environment, you’ll hear Andy and Craig uncover the secrets to creating and sustaining momentum in your organization.

This is a day packed with leadership insight from two principal voices on leadership today. It’s a can’t miss opportunity to hear practical leadership application, with several times of Q and A throughout the day with Andy and Craig, as well as opportunities to connect with other leaders. You won’t want to miss it. The One Day event tour will be in 4 cities throughout 2010.

This event is filling up fast.

Catalyst has made a special discounted rate of $99 available until this Thursday, January 28. Use rate code BLOG to receive this special rate.