Catching a Break

I know what it’s like to feel like I’ve “caught a break” when I needed it most. It was that friendly conversation or an introduction or a firm handshake that could do the trick.

Or, in the larger examples, opportunities to work with folk(s) that I had no business working with, for whatever reason. I have felt that way for as long as I can remember.

On occasion, as a business owner, I get to do the same for those that cross my path and that we get fortunate enough to hire. My last startup was no exception and I had an opportunity to work with some great folks before I exited the company.

And even though I’m just a footnote now I still get pings from some of the folks that I hired from time-to-time. They lighten me up and remind me why I do what I do: I love building companies and finding passionate folks to come alongside me in the quest.

This is why I’m doing it, once again, too. I love building great products; products that help a lot of people. But, I love just as much (or more) the process of building a company that provides value to folks and gives them a chance to do something great.

If it’s an opportunity to allow others to “catch a break” then I’m all for it.


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