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ADHD: Not So Bad

The following is via NYTimes, behind a paywall, but, I wanted to share it here for those who can’t read it. A few tidbits that made me stop for a moment and think:

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We’ve got a newborn (how long can I say that…? He’s 4 months old now…) and we’ve been trying to understand as much as we possibly can about the best ways to go about¬†everything in terms of raising a child.

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I Don’t Need Another

A few nights ago I awoke to the sound of my garage door opening. Not a big deal… except that it was at 2:30 in the morning.

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Real Behavior Change…

… is exceptionally hard. It’s harder than most people think, or realize, or want to admit to themselves. Real, sustained, fundamental behavior change is one of the hardest things to do for oneself and is just as hard (or harder?) for others.

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These Dreams Lie

It’s been 365 days since I’ve tasted alcohol… and my life has been infinitely better for it. Last year, on December 4th of 2016, I made the commitment to stop drinking booze and to begin my journey of being sober. As I take a moment to look back on this decision I get a bit […]

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The Depression Thing

An honest story of one man’s journey with depression. He’s a software programmer, like me, so I can empathize pretty deeply with the way that he thinks.

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Mental Illness is No Black Mark

Was having a brief but impactful conversation with a colleague about mental illness and he mentioned something that forced me to quickly (and hopefully kindly) interrupt:

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