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Just Normal

I received this note from someone the other day and it really encouraged me… quite a lot.

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England Soccer

Emotional maturity matters… in pretty much every single field. It was neat to read this article about the England Football Team:

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Too Good (or Bad) Not to Share

via SHL: So if someone asks me for my thoughts on depression and suicide: sure, more therapists, discussion, and anti-depressants; certainly for the specific people who need emergency help now. But the meta-answer is to ask deeper questions about humanity, and to start questioning the life values that have been sold (and I do mean sold) to us; no […]

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Where We Thought We’d Be

We just got back from a whirlwind trip to and from Chicago. The short of it is that we had a rare opportunity to see a specialist medical doctor for some of the challenges that our newborn has been having with eczema. It was insane.

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Quiet Desperation

I’ve been having more than my fair share of anxiety and depression lately and it’s been wearing me down considerably. As my wife and best friend has suggested…

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ADHD: Not So Bad

The following is via NYTimes, behind a paywall, but, I wanted to share it here for those who can’t read it. A few tidbits that made me stop for a moment and think:

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