Desk App v3.1

Yup, after a bit of a delay, v3.1 of Desk App has gotten through the App Store Review process and should be available to update worldwide.

What’s neat is that the entire review process, from submission to approval, took less than 24 hours. Unbelievable speed considering the previous time required. Most excellent!

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On Sunsetting Projects

There’s no easy way to “sunset” digital projects just as there’s no easy way to remove an arm or a leg from your body.

This might sound extreme but you may also empathize with the emotional challenge of closing down something that you’ve worked so hard to give birth to. There’s just simply no “right” way to do it.

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Desk v3.1: Design for WordPress Post Excerpts

I know, I know… version 3.0 isn’t even officially out quite yet (just waiting and working with the Mac App Store’s review process) and I’m already been thinking through v3.1 updates and changes.

Actually, that’s not entirely true… I’ve already been given a number of additional thoughts from community members and customers about what they’d love to see in the coming iterations.

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Desk v3.0: Mac App Store Screenshots

Spent a small bit of time putting together the Mac App Store screenshots for Desk v3.0, which I should finally be able to submit this coming week for review.

It’s been a long time coming and literally a year since the last update has come down the pipe. But, it’s a doozy and it took about a year to get to this place as it’s redesigned and rewritten. I’m excited to get it out and into the community’s hands.

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Shipping is Salvation

Getting to launch for any sized project is tough and even if you’ve done it many times before it’s still tough.

I think this is especially difficult if it’s a personal project where you do not have any external pressure to ship as compared to a team project or enterprise piece of software – in the former the only “boss” that you have is you and you can call the shots including whether you want a “ship date” or none at all.

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A Short Indie App Story

Context: I spent some time this morning answering someone’s question randomly online about “side projects”. I shared this epic blurb about my story of Desk App and I thought I’d capture the entire thing here.

The question was:

How many of you have developed a software project which is giving you decent passive income? In other words, what projects (that you did in spare time) have taken off and giving you a good monthly income?

Here’s my answer… enjoy.

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