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A Short Indie App Story

Context: I spent some time this morning answering someone’s question randomly online about “side projects”. I shared this epic blurb about my story of Desk App and I thought I’d capture the entire thing here.

The question was:

How many of you have developed a software project which is giving you decent passive income? In other words, what projects (that you did in spare time) have taken off and giving you a good monthly income?

Here’s my answer… enjoy.

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Desk v3: Concept Sneak Peek

As I’ve shared, I’m putting together version 3.0 of Desk and I’ve already started putting together the designs.

Please note, nothing that you see here (or in the near future) are “set in stone” quite yet as I’m working through a number of different concepts for the next version.

But, I’ll let you be the first to know when the images you see are canonical in nature!

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Desk v3…?

I can’t help it… it’s time that I give this an update. I’m looking at doing a pretty significant update too, which is a bit exciting.

Things have dramatically changed (yet stayed the same) since the first version and I’ve learned a lot from my own usage of the app.

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Desk App: Live Preview Feature

I’ve been working a bit here and there to continually tidy up the overall experience of Desk and I know that a feature that many users have been asking about is the potential for a “live preview” for their writing.

Essentially, this feature will allow you to see how your writing / content will actually look on your existing blog (with the design). It’ll be a work-in-progress as I flesh out the details of how this might work really well, but, I think it’ll be helpful for some of you to see in real-time how your content looks to the end-user and reader.

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Desk (PM, MD, NT) December Release Notes

For those who aren’t aware, the App Store is on Holiday Break between December 22 through the 29th. Consequently, you can’t make any new submissions or get anything through the store, especially App Reviews.

But… I just released 3 updates to Desk PM, MD, and NT. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix the crash issue that a few users have been experiencing but I’m working on that!

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Desk and the (Newish) WP-API

Version 2.0 (Beta 5) is available now and it seems stable enough to take a serious stab at it in terms of integrating with Desk (and replacing the old system of authentication, etc).

I’ve taken a first pass at what seems to be a lot of positives but there are a few initial drawbacks that I’ve discovered. I’ve listed them below:

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