Desk v3…?

I can’t help it… it’s time that I give this an update. I’m looking at doing a pretty significant update too, which is a bit exciting.

Things have dramatically changed (yet stayed the same) since the first version and I’ve learned a lot from my own usage of the app.

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Desk App: Live Preview Feature

I’ve been working a bit here and there to continually tidy up the overall experience of Desk and I know that a feature that many users have been asking about is the potential for a “live preview” for their writing.

Essentially, this feature will allow you to see how your writing / content will actually look on your existing blog (with the design). It’ll be a work-in-progress as I flesh out the details of how this might work really well, but, I think it’ll be helpful for some of you to see in real-time how your content looks to the end-user and reader.

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Desk (PM, MD, NT) December Release Notes

For those who aren’t aware, the App Store is on Holiday Break between December 22 through the 29th. Consequently, you can’t make any new submissions or get anything through the store, especially App Reviews.

But… I just released 3 updates to Desk PM, MD, and NT. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix the crash issue that a few users have been experiencing but I’m working on that!

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On Software Birthdays

I’ve been cleaning out my “digital” closet of sorts over the past few weeks as I have geared up and gone “all in” on my current work with TOMO which has been great.

You know, focusing exclusively on one project is rare for me but when it happens the lightbulbs really begin to go off; this strategy allows me to mentally break through significant barriers that I encounter and allows me to dig in deep to attack the really hard problems.

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