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Shipping is Salvation

Getting to launch for any sized project is tough and even if you’ve done it many times before it’s still tough.

I think this is especially difficult if it’s a personal project where you do not have any external pressure to ship as compared to a team project or enterprise piece of software – in the former the only “boss” that you have is you and you can call the shots including whether you want a “ship date” or none at all.

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A Short Indie App Story

Context: I spent some time this morning answering someone’s question randomly online about “side projects”. I shared this epic blurb about my story of Desk App and I thought I’d capture the entire thing here.

The question was:

How many of you have developed a software project which is giving you decent passive income? In other words, what projects (that you did in spare time) have taken off and giving you a good monthly income?

Here’s my answer… enjoy.

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Desk v3: Concept Sneak Peek

As I’ve shared, I’m putting together version 3.0 of Desk¬†and I’ve already started putting together the designs.

Please note, nothing that you see here (or in the near future) are “set in stone” quite yet as I’m working through a number of different concepts for the next version.

But, I’ll let you be the first to know when the images you see are canonical in nature!

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