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Hacking School

Expertise and Mastery… and Love.

We tell this to our kids all the time:┬áIf you want to become good at something, it simply requires a lot of practice over a long period of time. It’s the only recipe for expertise and mastery that I know.

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The Gap Between What We Say and What We Do

We say that children and their future are important to us but it doesn’t seem that we actually put our money where our mouths are, or want to be. Education is deeply and fundamentally broken in the US and it’s hard for me to watch these types of videos and not feel deeply for all […]

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Perfectly Acceptable

I’ve been paring things back and removing a ton of wonderful distractions lately as I double-down and focus on the growing needs of my startup (I mentioned this yesterday). I say “wonderful” because they were, in fact, wonderful distractions that helped fuel a lot of creativity and even revenue.

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Be the Prude

I like because my daughters really enjoy it. But, I’ve been slowly introduced to reasons why I should take another serious look at what it’s all about and whether we should be allowing them to use it:

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