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Hacking School

Perfectly Acceptable

I’ve been paring things back and removing a ton of wonderful distractions lately as I double-down and focus on the growing needs of my startup (I mentioned this yesterday). I say “wonderful” because they were, in fact, wonderful distractions that helped fuel a lot of creativity and even revenue.

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Be the Prude

I like because my daughters really enjoy it. But, I’ve been slowly introduced to reasons why I should take another serious look at what it’s all about and whether we should be allowing them to use it:

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Love to Learn

The singular goal that my best friend and I had when we began thinking holistically about our children and their education is that we ultimately cared most that they would love learning.

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Creating More Context for Your Kids

One of the never-ending battles that parents have to face is making sure that their children fundamentally know that they are loved, unconditionally. This necessarily requires that we build inroads and avenues for conversation and dialogue and that those onramps change as the child changes, grows, adapts, and matures.

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Training Grit

I’m thoroughly enjoying this book,¬†Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, and I’m about half-way done in just a few days. It resonates with me for a handful of reasons but there are a few that really have stuck out for me.

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Interland: Be Internet Awesome

This is a neat resource for parents and kids to learn more about things like privacy and cyberbullying and the dangers of the digital world. They even have an interactive world for kids to learn some of the principles and mechanics of these types of situations.

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