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Let the Results Speak for Themselves

As you might imagine we’ve been heads-down working hard at building product, growing our small team with the right folks, adding explicit cultural artifacts when we can, and massaging our own internal employee handbook (and sharing it as much as we can).

“Busy” could be an understatement of the year for us here at Pinpoint but not all “busy” is good busy, if you know what I mean. Thankfully we feel good about our expenditure of time and want to continue keeping things small, agile, and purpose-driven.

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Betting on Relationships (and Slack)

Earlier this week we had one of our partners publicly share some news that we’re equally excited about: We’ve raised a round of venture financing that includes Slack and their investment vehicle, The Slack Fund.

And as they so thoughtfully put it, it’s a “two way street” as they are betting on us and we are definitely betting on them. You can read their full announcement here as well as a companion Forbes piece sharing the news as well.

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Team Pins

We’ve added a second pin officially to the lineup of Team Pins in addition to our first which we shared about here.

This one is pretty simple as it sports our official brand and logo. It comes in a few different colors (Black #121212, Dark Gray #484850, Yellow #ff9900, Light Blue #0099cc, Dark Blue #274656) and two different styles, either a complete circle or cut-out.

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On Software Superpowers

I’d like to expand a bit more on my thoughts around on real agility and competitive advantage within the enterprise and at a much more broad sweeping and industry meta-level.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about how organizations at scale build software and how difficult it really is to not only introduce change but then go one big step farther and implement that change effectively.

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On Real Agility and Competitive Advantage

The Scrum Alliance recently released their yearly report (download here) which gives a broad-sweeping overview of how organizations of all sizes are applying an Agile-based approach to building software to not only remain relevant but to innovate and create true, long-lasting competitive advantage.

And what they’ve found is that the agile methodology is not only being applied outside of the immediate world of information technology and software development but now also around business practices as a whole. The philosophy Agile Frameworks and Scrum clearly allow for these creative applications!

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Pinning Culture

For starters, let’s just put it plainly: We’ve been busy. Actually, very busy. And it’s the good kind of busy, if you get what I’m saying.

Sure, we’re still building product and finding digging in deeper into what will really resonate with early customers. And yes, we’re working even closer with some of those folks and giving a deeply empathetic ear to their needs and desires and struggles that we believe we can solve.

Same old, same old.

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