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Staying Focused

It’s tough to stay focused when you’re a developer. Heck, it’s tough to stay focused doing most anything for that matter.  The cost of not being focused is greatly excused and at times overlooked.

In fact, many of us live our lives in a completely un-focused state. Consequently, we will never know what it’s like to give your all to one thing entirely.

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If you’ve never heard the term “sherlocked” then here’s your quick primer:

“Sherlocked” means that you’ve developed a product only to have Apple release the same functionality or feature set natively in a system update.

I’ve talked generally about this before in the upcoming iOS 8 update and there are a ton of photo and image editing applications that are collectively groaning as Apple again sherlocks an entire market segment and niche app industry.

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A Traveler’s Companion

I got this feedback this weekend from one of our users:

I’m traveling around Europe right now and am doing a lot of blogging as a photographer and I have to tell you, your app is saving my ass. The ability to post to all of these different sites at once (including my squarespace) is amazing.

You can see some of his photos that he’s taken here and here. I appreciate these small notes in my inbox every once in a while and it reminds me of why I built the app. Thanks Spencer!

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