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Seeing, Believing

Errol Morris summarized his main points from his book, Believing is Seeing, via Twitter a while ago:

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Let’s Have Each Other’s Back

This podcast with poker professional Annie Duke grabbed my attention all day yesterday – I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I even spent more than I usually do talking through it with my wife.

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John, Pete

My brother and I are formally, officially, finally business partners, once again, having walked through company formation late last year for a number of the projects that we’ve put together (like this, this, this, this, and this and this… … …). We’re definitely in deep.

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Date Coworker?

I’ve never had issue with dating a coworker because for most of my adult life I’ve been married. So, the option was never really available…

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Enriching, Rewarding

Enjoyed this interview between Kara Swisher and Tom Peters, especially this simple idea around why one should build a business:

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I loved everything about this article about blacksmiths and how they are much, much better at startups than most startup founders:

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