How Charisma Works

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, the art and science of charisma. Or, even the anatomy perhaps:

Charisma, though, has two halves. It’s a relationship between the person who possesses it and the people who respond to it. It’s only when the spark meets the kindling that a flame can ignite. A charismatic speaking to a mirror is not particularly exciting. Put one in front of a crowd, however, and you’re in for a show.


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Prompts to Elicit Stories

I’m still working through Tools of Titans which has been, pun-intended, a fairly titanic undertaking in its own right.

What’s difficult is the pacing – I have purposely allowed myself to read only one chapter a day because the density of information and the required time to actually digest the material is serious.

In fact, if I’m to be honest, you could take a few of these chapters and think about it for a week (if not more) and you’d be good to go.

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Management Potential

Most of us (and I really do mean most) have no right and no business being managers. We have no right and no business being leaders, at scale.

Most of us can barely put two socks of the same color on in the morning; and then we head to the office and are expected (and expect of ourselves) that we’re going to be able to deftly lead other people’s lives.

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Hi, I Have a Newsletter and It Is Called: “trying to win the internet”

I did something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time yesterday and the relief that I feel is as much as I expected it to be. Strange how that works…

I share a few thoughts near the end of yesterday’s vlog about this, which, you can skip to minute 6:00 (although the first part is pretty darn important, if you ask me…):

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