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You Get to Decide How Much

I’ve always liked Jim Carrey and he, on occasion, has some fairly decent words of wisdom and advice scattered in and around the internet. The Mask was definitely one of my favorite movies growing up and I must have watched that movie 100 times.

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The Yenicorn

Yesterday was a very important day as there were two birthdays that were celebrated, the first being bitcoin and the second one being The Yenicorn.

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Placer Tournament

My 12-year old had a killer weekend with her Club Team (Star Academy FC) – I couldn’t be more stoked for them! A few pictures of the final day (4 games, 3-1 record):

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In Short Supply

It’s neat to see folks take more control of their lives, despite what the world thinks or their opinions about how to use one’s platform or influence.

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Joy to Build

The singular reason why I believe the small (but growing!) project that I’m working on has serious legs and is going to be wildly successful is because we have, quite emphatically, the best community around us on the planet.

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