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Teeny Tokyo

👋🏼 Teeny Tokyo

I shared recently the release of MNML App which has had the good fortune of being Featured in the Mac App Store, which, of course, is fantastic. But I also shared in that post that I’ve been in the process of focusing my efforts and time into just a few things now… and when I mean “a […]

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Meta-Data Fixed!

Meta-data is a big deal and apparently it wasn’t being kept through the image processing, which sucks! Thanks to @Ecstaticnoise for notifying me and helping me think through a fix!

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Release Notes: v1.1

Hey all! It’s been a great few weeks since the release and I have LOVED the feedback! I’ve done my best to squash some of the bigger bugs:

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Product Hunt Love!

Yesterday I officially launched Teeny and submitted the app to a bunch of different sites to share the good news. Well, on one of my favs, Product Hunt, we made the Front Page! It’s been a fantastic 24-hours as Teeny has gotten a ton of great traction and attention, specifically from that community!

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