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Process is Documented Culture

Image via BOSSFIGHT One of the things that became very apparent to me while putting together my last company was the idea that documenting culture was how you identified and refined the organization’s culture. In other words, if one is to organically “build” culture then it’s actually better to simply observe what is already happening […]

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On Creating Greatness

via BOSSFIGHT The goal of any leader (and the companies they lead, for that matter…) should be to inspire and create greatness in their staff. Not just for their fiscal bottom-line but because helping other people become better humans, both personally and professionally, is a win-win in every single way imaginable. And, in fact, when […]

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Bad Systems and Good People

Image via BOSSFIGHT We all know that any good organization worth its salt has powerful and intimate systems that regulate it, that help it move things forward, that allow it to perform optimally, and that help it maintain its course. The challenge when you start a new venture is that you’re building most if not […]

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Career vs. Job

Images via BOSSFIGHT How We Think About These Two Things at Eve. Zach Holman shared these thoughts yesterday that I wanted to capture them for future reference as well as an opportunity for me to cogitate on them for a bit: Although, for some, it might just be semantics I think that he hits on what […]

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On Breaking Rules & Staying Positive

Tony Horton of P90X And How a Startup is Like P90X for the Mind I once heard someone say that building a startup is like P90X for your mind, except that you never get any breaks, ever. This metaphor worked for me because 5 years ago I actually attempted the P90X regimen and it was really, really […]

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On Compelling Job Descriptions

We should freshen them up, shouldn’t we? Finding great people to work with is one of the best parts of my job and it thrills me when I’m part of an organization that (humbly) needs the help. Now, in the past, I’ve had to come up with (from scratch) a bunch of job descriptions but […]

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On Mental Health and Avoiding Burnout

Images via BOSSFIGHT And an Overview of My Commitments as a Leader Building a company is really, really, really hard. I’ve said it so many times before and I’m not sorry that I continue to bang that drum incessantly. I’ll admit it: I do it because it’s one part self-therapy and two parts level-setting, at least […]

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Why We Count The Days (and Why That Matters A Lot to Our Company)

Images via BOSSFIGHT TL;DR: It Gives Context: Makes Us Grateful, Humble If you’ve had the opportunity of reading any of our previous posts on our blog hosted here on Medium or even interfacing with me in public then you’ve probably seen how we (I) often reference the # of days it’s been since we first […]

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