Mukbang: Watch Me Eat

This junk is so fascinating.

My wife has understood and experienced this phenomenon for a lot longer than I have and explained to me that “Koreans just make eating look so good…” … … …

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Easy Distractions

The other day I unboxed a new product that I had full intentions of using liberally, a new 360 VR camera from Vuze.

My hope was that not only could it create a new experience on the vlog for my subscribers but that it also could allow me to insert myself into a nascent new economy that has a lot of promise and opportunity.

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Live Streaming on YouTube…

A few months back YouTube opened up a new feature on their mobile apps that gave content creators the ability to live stream with one major catch: You had to have at least 10,000 subscribers to do it.

I didn’t mind this threshold, at the time, and I considered it a bit of a “stretch goal,” if you will. But recently they’ve dropped it to 1,000 which means that it’s been enabled on my device:

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Stats: A Powerful Drug

I’ve been blogging for a long time and for a while I really cared about stats and I really cared about how many visits and pageviews and comments and social shares that were happening in and around the blog.

And, for a time, it was good… but I quickly became obsessed and overwhelmed with having to not only manage those figures but also to engage with the never-ending struggle to make them grow.

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Freaks, Systems, Mental Spring Cleaning

I had forgotten that I had contributed a few things to Chris Brogan’s book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, which apparently came out in 2014; wow, has it been that long?!

I was reminded of this from a digital friend, Andy, who’s a Church of England vicar, DJ, musician, artist, magician, and entrepreneur… among many other things, who wrote me a great email full of encouragement.

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