I Bought $5,000 Bitcoin Yesterday…

Yesterday was kind of a neat day as I decided to personally invest some capital into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large.

It’s 100% due to my brother’s influential remarks, his research, and most obvious is his amazing financial returns that he’s already experienced. He’s gone “pro,” essentially, at this point in time and I’ve been watching him make calls and trades daily.

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Checking In, Daily

One of the things that I appreciate about some of the relationships that I’ve built over time is the fact that we “check in” pretty frequently.

In some instances I do this daily (multiple times a day… almost a consistent messaging thread(s)) and for others it’s not so much… perhaps once a week.

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Easy Distractions

The other day I unboxed a new product that I had full intentions of using liberally, a new 360 VR camera from Vuze.

My hope was that not only could it create a new experience on the vlog for my subscribers but that it also could allow me to insert myself into a nascent new economy that has a lot of promise and opportunity.

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Live Streaming on YouTube…

A few months back YouTube opened up a new feature on their mobile apps that gave content creators the ability to live stream with one major catch: You had to have at least 10,000 subscribers to do it.

I didn’t mind this threshold, at the time, and I considered it a bit of a “stretch goal,” if you will. But recently they’ve dropped it to 1,000 which means that it’s been enabled on my device:

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