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Rebooting the Vlog… Again.

I’ve decided to reboot my vlog and share a little bit more about my life as a startup founder, ceo, husband, and dad… among many other things.

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Reboot the Vlog?

I’ve had a few internal conversations about the vlog that I had started and then finished after successfully completing 365 days of vlogging.

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Workflow Party?

I shared some thoughts today about how major life events force you to re-examine and re-engineer your workflows. I, for one, do not mind these interruptions because they present amazing opportunities to reformat and asses what is working and what’s not working and how to make it all better.

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Refreshing to Read

I got this the other day: Just wanted to take the time to say that it’s refreshing to read your openness and honesty with regards to the Pinpoint blog. I’m enjoying reading about the journey and excited to see it develop. 👏🏼

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Grateful for Technology

I’m constantly reminded about how good I’ve got it. I am one seriously privileged individual and I never want to take that for granted. I was chatting with someone last night about that and how I have a certain level of optionality that many folks do not. This is nothing less than an absolute blessing and […]

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Bad is Where You Start

When you start anything new you will immediately encounter the reality that you’re relatively terrible at it. Now, I use the word “relative” because, like most things, your new level of skill is relatively “bad” when compared to others. But, this isn’t the point.

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Growing, The Hard Way

I’m just inside what I feel like is the final lap for my 365-day YouTube challenge, which I started (and rebooted) back in November of last year. In 2 months I’ll be there and I know, at this point in time, that I’m going to make it. But, man… it’s been one helluva grind.

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I Bought $5,000 Bitcoin Yesterday…

Yesterday was kind of a neat day as I decided to personally invest some capital into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large. It’s 100% due to my brother’s influential remarks, his research, and most obvious is his amazing financial returns that he’s already experienced. He’s gone “pro,” essentially, at this point in time and I’ve been […]

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