What Community Will You Create?

For starters, hello and welcome 👋🏻 to all the new #yenizens that have joined us recently! We cannot thank you enough for believing in us and our vision to build a technology platform that is worthy of the cryptocurrency and decentralized communities that it serves!

As you already know, we have a long way to go before our software is even close to being finished so your early support means the world to us and together well build something that we can all be very proud of!

Seriously – I’m especially grateful because all of what we’ve been able to accomplish together thus far has been an exciting journey of surprise and discovery, chiefly because of the fact that I did not originally set out to join and contribute to a thriving community – I just wanted to build software with people that I really like.

Truth is I can be a little dense at times and ironically it was community that I really needed most! And being part of (and building software for) this community has been some of the most refreshing and rewarding years of my life.

Registered more than 2 years ago!

And to think that it all started out with a nascent YouTube Channel and forum that we originally thought would serve only as an additional comment layer to our daily video content!

Little did we know that we’d end up building something more than just software – we had created a living and breathing community! What a happy and most-welcome accident!

And every day it grows, little by little, intentionally gated (at the moment) for quality assurance purposes! 😉

I’ll admit that I’m particularly fond of this early part of a community’s growth and development because I have this rare and intimate opportunity to build real relationships with the early folks who care enough to aid me and my team in our quest to create a useful and fun software product!

And when the right mix of empathy, principles, dignity, and mutual respect congregate in the same place for any meaningful amount of time, value is created for all through positive, network-wide behavior.

via @bonsaikeychain

In short, I’ve seen incredible examples of support, encouragement and service between our community members, some that have gone on to form lifelong relationships! And although I certainly can’t speak for any of them, I imagine that they have been just as pleasantly surprised as I have been with these newfound friends!

I didn’t set out to build a community. Our team didn’t originally set out to build a community platform or product. The folks who have shown up (even physically at times) and supported us didn’t plan on building a new community with us either!

But we did.

And that is the very same opportunity that all of you have here as a newborn #yenizens – I’m so honored and humbled that you’re here and me and the team can’t wait to see what communities you will join and build!

It really does feel like family – the sacrifices are worth it!

My mission (and current obsession) is to serve and the support the creation of healthy and growing communities on YEN! We’ve got a lot of work still left to do and we can’t do it with all of you!

If you ever need anything, you can always ping me directly!

Oh! I forgot to mention…

We’ve got some very, very exciting plans for a complete redesign that should knock your socks off… and I feel terrible doing this, but, we’re not quite ready to unveil some of the new design so I can only give you… this:

I didn’t blur it too much, did I?

This is also a perfect opportunity to publicly thank all of the folks who have already seen the future design… and kept it secret! 🤫