📻 — Discord, Community Hiring, and What’s After Zoom?

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Yesterday’s breakdown was a bit of a doozy, so, I usually like to take it a bit easier on the next issue, for your sake and mine!

Before we jump in, I just wanted to say… THANK YOU!! I’m grateful for the steady flow of new subscribers, especially as you all share the issues with your communities and teams — it means a lot to me and I really do love writing these for you.


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Community Finder, Resources, and More

Honestly, Anna Grigoryan doesn’t get enough press, especially with practical guides around community business models and more recently, community stacks in addition to her obvious discovery system, right on the homepage.

So, this is my opportunity to highlight her great work — keep going!

Means of Creation with Taylor Lorenz

Crazy that I just saw this event, but, there’s still time to sign-up! Looks amazing and I’ll try to do a breakdown of it if you can’t make it!

Startup Hiring is Like Community Hiring

Hiring community leaders is difficult and there’s certainly not enough of us (yet)! I think of hiring for a community leader is very much like hiring for a startup — these folks have that entrepreneurial spirit and fire that helps an organization build something (i.e. a community) from nothing.

Stage of Company (and Community)

I found this image via Nikhyl Singhal funny and true, not just for the lifecycle of a startup but also a new community as well (a great newsletter as well):

What Comes After Zoom?

That’s a great question and one that many of us community builders are thinking and asking all the fucking time. But, it’s also our job and responsibility to think about these important questions, for ourselves and for our communities that we’re leading and loving.

Did Discord… “Win”?

Discord won by building 10x better spaces for communities. By selling status, they have also managed to capture more value from those communities than other platforms.

via Ian Vanagas

Discord is one helluva app, that’s for sure — I’m a daily user and I imagine many yenizens are also, for sure.

How To Build A Career That Deeply Fulfills You:

Crazy-great presentation via Michael Dearing, acclaimed venture capitalist and investor in top companies like Popcap, Pagerduty and Masterclass. Here’s the overview of this wonderful 52-minute dive:

  • How to focus our brains and our time on what matters most to us, and set clear boundaries.
  • Three key tools to own your career planning and development.
  • Simple and powerful practices to navigate career uncertainty and cultivate more self-trust.

A Few Cool Tools: