What is Celebrated is Repeated! Celebrate the Wins!

I spent most of the day celebrating my daughter’s 4th year here on planet earth and I loved it. Baking (from 100% scratch) 6-layer cakes and chocolate covered pretzels at 2 in the morning only to turn around and serve them a few hours later to 15 or so of her friends was fantastic!

I love celebrations; we don’t nearly do this enough and it reminded me of a very important principle that applies even to blogging: What is celebrated is repeated.

Check out my thoughts via video after the jump.

[tentblogger-vimeo 15791587]

I try to do this with this blog and all the other blogs that keep my attention. I also have learned to do this with the organizations that I lead. It’s extremely important and probably can’t be done too much (well, maybe…).

For those interested, the book referenced in the video is Andy Stanley’s Making Vision Stick.

Celebrate the wins in and out of business – you’ll be a happier and more fulfilled person!