CEO Coaching

You might find this useful. I haven’t quite read through it completely, but, it was shared via Hacker News which means that a lot of people found it interesting (or maybe even useful).

But the larger point is this: Building a company is hard and if you want to perform at your very best then you should get a coach (and even have a mentor or two). Now, of course, there’s a difference between a mentor and coach and you need to have both. And naturally even coaches themselves need coaches (there’s no room for ego or pride).

The very best performers in every field of work and study have these types of folks in their lives, people who can objectively push them harder, challenge them to see alternative routes and perspectives, and who can encourage them to go the distance, especially when things are bad.

The first thing that I did when my current project put together a little revenue and some financial support is hire an executive coach and put them to work (if you need a recommendation, I have a handful – ping me).

I’m excited to start the process, once again, of putting together a company that I and the team can be very, very proud of. Because, at the end of the day, despite where we end up, I want to say that I gave it my very best and that I employed (and deployed) every working strategy available.

The percent chance of a startup working is sadly small; why wouldn’t you hedge on something that we all know the masters in their field use?

Get help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. It’s an important decision as a leader of your business, your personal and professional career, and, in life.