I Need 3 People for a Serious Alpha Test of a New Project…

This is somewhat of a different blog post but I couldn’t be more excited to share this with all of you!

I’m looking to start a new venture, one that I’ve never tried before and you guys are some of the very first to know about it! I’m going to start a professional development and coaching organization that will help people align who they are with what they do.

I’ve been passionate about helping friends, family, everyone else in between with professional development and I’ve been doing it for years – you guys also can see how day-in and day-out I love education people for free on this blog! But after a conversation with my wife (who really is the genius behind this idea) and a few of my friends and mentors I’m convinced this is something that I at least need to try.

So what I need is a few people to help walk through the experience with me, give me critical feedback on the process and method, and be essentially my Alpha Test, my Class #0.

What I Need and The Requirements for Being My Class 0:

I’m looking for three people to walk through a preliminary trial run of a new curriculum I’m developing for my professional development organization.

Here are the requirements:

  • I need you to be in Atlanta, GA. Otherwise you have to commit to coming into town if you’re “close by”. The travel arrangements are up to you.
  • Commit to meeting 4 times in 4 weeks for up to 2 hours each. 8 hours minimum in total. Super intense, super intentional.
  • Commit to reading at least three books in 4 weeks. Yes. That’s a freaking lot of reading, but absolutely necessary. This isn’t a cake walk and it’ll kick your butt but those that make it through will have their lives changed.
  • You need to be seriously interested in confronting yourself, warts and all, and be ready to be challenged in a really big way.
  • Knowing you need to change your professional career or trajectory is important – it won’t help if you’re deeply in love with your current job and have already found your “it”.
  • You need to be able to give me critical feedback after the process.
  • Class starts in January, most likely 2nd or 3rd week.

Here’s what you can generally expect:

  • What I’ll be walking these three people is a crazy intense and rigorous program of knowing oneself, knowing what drives them and their passions, and then giving them tools to make these ideas happen.
  • It may end up changing the trajectory of your career… and life. No softball pitches here.
  • You need to be ready to be vulnerable with me and two other people whom you have never met.
  • You need to be humble enough to be challenged but sure of your desire for professional change and growth.
  • Walking away with an incredible new perspective on how you were made and your unique strengths, your core motivations as a person and professional, and a toolkit and method to make your ideas happen.
  • The bragging rights of being called “Class 0” – so cool.

You will be provided all the materials you’ll need including three books and an assortment of printed material. You just cover travel and coffee expenses (expect to meet in coffee shops and incredibly creative environments around Atlanta). I’ll do the rest.

To apply just send me an email with the Subject Line “Class 0 – Alpha Test Group” answering these questions as completely as possible:

  1. Name
  2. Describe your career path, but don’t send me a resume. Ups, downs, side-to-sides – give me a wholistic yet strategically specific overview of where you’ve been and what you’re doing now. Tell me the good, bad, ugly.
  3. Describe your career and professional goals. What’s on your heart these days? Describe why you wake up feeling like there’s more and better out there for your “life work” and why you go to bed feeling defeated that you may not have the tools to make it happen.
  4. Why you should be part of “Class 0” and how you’re going to provide me an incredible feedback foundation to build an organization (and perhaps a movement).

I’ll be following up with you if I think you’ve got what it takes. Expect a phone call or skype invitation to chat.

Let me know if you have any questions.