ChairCo: The Business of People Acceleration

Last week I was able to sit down with three incredible individuals with three incredibly-different backgrounds and watch them literally pour out their hearts and souls in front of an audience that they had just (physically) met for the very first time.

Although they were nervous they were more than prepared. More than that though was a passionate desire to make some significant changes in their lives – you see, what they currently had in terms of their jobs, their vocations, their small businesses, and their overall lifestyles just wasn’t “working.”

So I stepped in and they allowed me the honor of accelerating them in the right direction. Last week was their first presentation and project – they had been laying the groundwork for over a month as my Class Zero had begun to walk through my coaching program and had met each other virtually and online sharing struggles, hopes, dreams, and everything in between. This was the culmination of their work thus far and they knocked it out of the park!

Ah, the best is still yet to come as I get to spend another few hours with all of them today in yet another creative environment as we deep-dive into understanding who they are in relationship to our core motivations as people. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement.

Incredible 'floating' conference room via eyespeak.

But the most satisfying part of the last few weeks was my ability to sit down with them one-on-one and help them begin to wade through the mess of a misaligned life and attempting to craft a solution where we could align their passion with their vocation; align who they are with what they do and then to strongly accelerate them forward.

And that’s what I do: I’m in the business of accelerating people. What’s neat is that I do this every single day with my teams that I lead – I’ve been practicing this for years.

It doesn’t stop there though – I accelerate many of you here through this blog as I accelerate your understanding of blogging so that you can build momentum for your blogs and/or businesses.

And I’ve been doing it for years, for individuals, small, and even very large organizations. I still love it and it really never gets old.

Now I’m just putting an official name beside it and I’m calling this new venture ChairCo.

What the Heck is ChairCo?

Glad you asked! Here are some defining thoughts for you to chew on:

  • ChairCo is a people accelerator.
  • ChairCo believes that acceleration happens best in the context of community and teams.
  • ChairCo believes that accelerated people accelerate businesses and the organizations that they lead.
  • ChairCo believes that action and influence are the foundations of strategic acceleration.
  • ChairCo accelerates individuals in an environment of intentional coaching and mentoring, an intense topical study and reading curriculum, and an online web-based system for dialogue and communication.
  • ChairCo accelerates teams and organizations through strategic evaluations of the business through the lens of the individual, their strengths, and their alignment with the company culture.

I’m in the process of refining the ChairCo’s own culture, direction, and mission as well as creating a ton of collateral (like branding and logotyping) but I’m not bothered by sharing with you the progress in real-time!

Feel free to sign-up for updates to learn when we publicly launch the site. You can follow a new Twitter account and Facebook page I’ve set up as well.

Here are some more pictures from the first class:

I can’t believe I get to do this professionally!

Interested in Signing Up for the Next Class?

I’m currently half-way through the first class but I wanted to start filling out the next class, most likely starting sometime in late February or early March.

If you’re an individual or small business owner interested in taking the next step you may want to review some of the original suggested requirements listed here.

Please note the following differences:

  • There is a significant financial commitment.
  • The seats available are extremely limited. Three (3) to be exact.
  • I will put you to work.
  • You may experience shocking re-alignment that will impact your relationships, your job, and your direction as an individual and/or your business.

If you’re interested in team coaching for your company or organization then feel free to also contact me for more information here.

I’m excited that I can serve you guys in this awesome way!

Want to see the other previous weeks and what is generally covered?

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Class Zero participants: Ivan Bickett, Eric Jones, and Tasra Dawson. Feel free to ping them and ask how the class is going! Images courtesy of Tasra Dawson.