Reporting to the Chalky Substance

It can be really tempting to add layers of “chalky substance” in most organizations especially as they scale in size. There are a lot of justifications for these additions, some better than others, but I believe most of them are unwarranted and ridiculous.

I think this is especially important in the context of a startup where organizational charts are nothing more of ego-driven titling rather than functional and additive.

But even as a startup grows up and becomes a business I think the challenge of any leadership team¬†is to ensure that adding anything remotely close to a chalky-like substance is so grossly beneficial that it is either already there organically (no one put a “title” to it) and/or that¬†everyone unanimously agrees that it is good.

Or perhaps an existing organization needs to spend a bit of time (not too much time is needed, by the way) to identify them and kill them (the roles/titles, not people…).

No business of any size can afford chalky substances. Heck, they just waste time, money, and a ton of my patience.