Change Your Habits, Change Your Life (and Your Startup)

Sometimes I think that we are, truly, nothing more than a bundle of habits, sewn together biologically. And, whatever magic there may be in the aggregate form that gives it all life can, well, feel mysterious (I don’t think it has to be).

But less of that and more about decisions and habits.

2019 was a year that codified this learning—a great example of this has been my practice of being “less my moods” for instance. This singular realization developed a simple practice that, when consistently repeated over a period of time, has become almost natural and instinctive.

Instead of defaulting into letting my emotions take control of the situation I now, instead, make every effort to disengage and find opportunities to regain control.

As you might imagine, my initial efforts were met with an incredible amount of resistance. Actually, to be truthful, in the beginning there wasn’t any resistance as I completely forgot what I was taught and the tools that I had been practicing.

I imagine that if I had given up earlier in the process of building this new habit that I would never be who I am today because I would have simply given up.

But, as I continued to work with my family, therapists, and medical professionals I went from batting closer to 0.00% (i.e. striking out) and slowly started hitting singles, then a double, and eventually I got my first home run (I hope this analogy makes sense)!

As I was met with more positive outcomes and experiences it continued to build that powerful and virtuous cycle that compounded quickly. The results, as they say, speak for themselves.

If you can build (or change) a single habit it can, quite literally, change your entire life. This happens for us individually, corporately, as a team and as a family, and even as a society.

Some of more interesting (personal) habits are found in the bathroom.

Another example that I’ve just begun to form new habits around is my commitment to build a startup and company on just 40-hours a week. I’ve just finished the first few weeks, so, the systems and workflows and habit(s) are being formed as we speak!

But, I know that the compounding interest of this singular decision will inevitably force me to adjust, deconstruct, and/or (re)build new habits that will maximize my personal and professional efficiency, while also significantly decreasing the chance of real burnout.

I’m excited about all the outcomes, even the ones that may seem less of an “upside” and more of a “downside”—most entrepreneurs I know are at their very best when the chips are down and the situation seems dire.

Besides, we’re always trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents; that’s just how we do.

If we are nothing more than a bundle of habits, then, even choosing one to change can have a life-altering outcomes. Oh, and make sure they are professional habits, not amateur.

Good luck!