Change the World

There are tons of companies that love to throw around the “CHANGE THE WORLD” mantra/slogan/saying/whatever as part of their company culture.

CTW-this and CTW-that!!!!!!!!!11111111111111!!!!!!!1111111100000000

Sadly, few of these companies do it right, especially in terms of their staff and employees. What they are saying is:

We want to change the world and build the products, services, and the company brand that does that. But, we don’t do that for our own employees. They are forgotten… because our primary mission is to serve our customers!

What very few companies do is actually spend the same amount of energy and passion on their own staff. In fact, their staff gets the crap kicked out of them either by asking too much, being too ambiguous with their staff’s personal and professional development, and even grossly underpaying them for performance.

It’s really sad how misguided these companies are (and the leaders that run them). You start with your employees first and then build a culture that’s changing the employee’s world. In other words, you change the world of your staff by building the best company for them first which gives you license and reason to make an impact to the external world that you want to serve.

Internal first, external way second.

That way you don’t look like a bunch of idiots and hypocrites when your company brand promotes one thing but internally your staff grumbles at the way they are treated.

And yes, Dilbert is hilarious but it’s because it’s true. Compensation matters and is a key part of the company culture. Just some random thoughts inspired by Scott Adams.