The Business of Changing Lives

We give our students brand new notebooks for their journey!

I am now distinctly in the business of changing lives and I find this explicit placement deeply and incredibly satisfying.

I have been on this track for quite some time and my heart has been deeply set with education in mind but I have never worked explicitly for an organization where that is part of the foundational mission and vision.

Now, I get to do that on the daily as being part of The Iron Yard. Check out this killer video we produced about some of our previous students, their experiences, and their success:

Sadly, this is only a fraction of fraction of what has really happened in these people’s lives – I’ve gotten to chat with many of them and their stories really do blow you away; it’s hard to imagine that I get to be a fundamental part in the colossal change that’s happening for these individuals – what an honor, what a privilege, what an incredible responsibility.

What they have most importantly beyond just new job offers and increased pay is more opportunity for their future (which can take on many different looks).

Sure, some take their new skills and techniques and know-how to start their own boutique consulting companies, some start bootstrapped startups (or get venture funding!), while others take their skills back to their previous jobs with increased responsibilities and roles, but more importantly they leave with a greater sense of who they are in the growing technological landscape.

In not so many words, many of them say things like “I feel like I finally fit.” I can’t do anything except smile.

We are opening new locations this year (including Atlanta!) and if you’re interested in having a significant change this year then I’d love to chat with you about it!

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