Checking In, Daily

One of the things that I appreciate about some of the relationships that I’ve built over time is the fact that we “check in” pretty frequently.

In some instances I do this daily (multiple times a day… almost a consistent messaging thread(s)) and for others it’s not so much… perhaps once a week.

But the point is that there is a consistent check-in and I never have to feel like I need to do a massive life-update or anything like that. Instead, we can talk about the finer details about what’s happening in my life and really challenge each other about those finer details.

I like and value these a lot because we can target the “finer tissue” of a relationship and really work on things that have serious impact. I don’t have to spend any time filling in details or context; we can just get straight to the good stuff.

What’s interesting is that the same thing is starting to apply via my vlog as there are a bunch of folks who have privately told me that they really enjoy this part of the process and experience.

To them, essentially, it’s like a bit of a “daily check in” that they don’t mind spending with me, asynchronously of course, and even though it’s a bit lopsided in terms of the communication direction it still works on some level.

I am hooked on the vlog. There is something addictive about the daily check in component. Thanks for sharing your exciting startup life!

Kind of neat, if you ask me.

Of course, I’d like to dialogue more with all of these folks on a more frequent and direct basis but I can’t and I’m not frustrated by that. It’s a natural, built-in limitation that I don’t feel needs to be necessarily solved to create value.

My goal is to be present in people’s lives in the ways that help them the most. If that means being a cofounder of a startup? Great. I’m there. If that means being a decent, empathetic listener for my spouse and partner? Great, I’m there too. If it means being an available father to my kids? Yup. That too.

And, if it means being something you watch via video on YouTube once a day for a few minutes of your time while you’re stuck on a bus in the middle of your commute? Then, sure, I can do that too.

And you’re very welcome.