Choose One and Go

There is a “method to the madness,” as they say:

I essentially wake up and assume that at some point, something will inspire me to  chat and dialogue about. That’s it. Not magical. Not mysterious.

But, something that I didn’t talk about explicitly (or more in-depth about) is something that I believe is really important to understand: I have trained myself to execute against that one idea as quickly as possible.

Why? Because my memory fades quickly and the more time that passes the more I begin to second-guess the topic or reason my way out of it in some way, shape, or form. I also, over time, acquire other topics that I may feel are better suited when in reality are just as good as the original topic.

The point is that execution matters infinitely more than attempting to compound inspirational moments and triggers. Just sitting down and executing against the idea immediately is more important than trying to plan out an exact script.

I’ve come to realize that most people will over-analyze a topic to literal death. Most will second-guess their instincts or believe that if they wait then something better will show up.

The reality is that you have no idea what the future holds. This might sound a bit hyperbolic, but, you also don’t know if you’ll be alive in an hour (or two). Just go ahead, go for it. Do it. And then move on to the next important topic or issue at hand.

So, that’s how I encounter content creation, not just for the vlog but also for this blog. Besides… there are an infinite number of topics that I could write about or dialogue about or chat about with my community. Choose one and go.