Dear Lord: Deliver Me from Christian Startups

I spent a good season of my life heavily-involved in the non-profit and Judeo-Christian sub-culture. I learned many things including a few nasty habits and behaviors that have taken too long to get rid of.

I have discovered that many Christ-followers naïvely presume that God will tell them what they should do with their time, their gifts (“talents”), and other such things as it relates to their startup idea(s) — and they always have more than just a few!

God doesn’t actually work that way (or at least most of the time).

Or rather, He, Himself, doesn’t seem to engage humanity that way (and He’s definitely not passive in even the smallest of ways). Instead, God often uses other people to be His voice—we see this in the Scriptures and many of us know this empirically.

But knowing this is just half-the-battle! Amnesia creeps in and many of us will then sit and wait patiently for “signs” or some other signal that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing (or that we should head in some particular direction) while we systematically ignore the community around us, the very human beings He’s put in our pathway as a way of guidance, support, encouragement, and calibration.

We are so dumb; truly! Lambs. Sheep, we all are!

The language around “startups” and “Christianity” don’t help much either. There isn’t a version of a “Christian Startup” just as there isn’t a version of a “Christian Hotdog”—it’s just a “startup” and it’s just a “hotdog”!

Although that sounds funny, it’s not. The labels create division and it does nothing to help establish rapport with randoms that might walk through your (virtual) door.

If you want to build a meaningful, profitable business, then do yourself a favor and just build a great fucking business and leave the labels at home.

You are who you are (so that won’t change) but you’re going to do yourself a gross disservice by minimizing your top-of-funnel opportunities by stacking labels to your startup when you haven’t even proven that you can sell a reasonable product and/or service for a justifiable amount.

Praying won’t solve basic business logic and accounting either! I’ll choose shitty excel spreadsheets over a 3:00am prayer session most days (and I get better sleep too).

Please, Dear God… we really don’t know what the fuck we’re doing.