A glimpse of Christmas on Pressgram

Many of us on Pressgram celebrated Christmas in our own way. It was a great delight to see what everyone was up to and how they filled their days before and during this great time of year. Each person with their own unique perspective truly brought some joyful noise to my feed in the app. Here are some of my favorite’s that I found!

dp xmas johnpierre


I love this shot by Pressgram user @johnpierre. The text he used reminds me of an old slide projector or family photos I see. I just fell in love with it.



DP Xmas said

I love how Pressgram user @Said captured these little guys. These gnomes really know how to chill. I like these guys better than the elf on the shelf. That thing is just plain creepy! (haha)


dp xmas smhessenauer

Nothing better than getting up close and personal with our own trees we put up during the holidays. I love the old school long tinsel that was on this tree. A fantastic shot by Pressgram user @smhessenauer.


dpxmas melodie


It was a breath of fresh air to see this photo by Pressgram user @melodie. It took my by surprise. You don’t usually expect to see a Christmas tree on the beach! So cool.