Church Community Online

The Word of God is both explicit and implicit in our calling as believers to be in relation to not only our God in Heaven through Jesus Christ, but also to one another.  This point is fairly obvious and I won’t spend much time having to defend this particular stance.  What I’m interested in is figuring out how to use online media and social technology to take it one step further.

Technology today has afforded us the amazing opportunity to communicate in ways that were only pipedreams a few years ago.  Social media and every possible iteration of this manifested architecture has proven its worth very quicky; people can easily connect with others via these fascinating technologies and mediums and build digital communities.

Why not use them for Kingdom building?  Why not use them for both inreach and outreach?

It’s really not a question of if, because we all know that answer.  It’s really about how.  How should a church (and the large capital C church) engage?  Do we build our own?  Do we leverage existing technologies that were never meant to be used for the Glory of God?  I think the answer is both.

And that’s my dream.

I want to be able to use both the skills that I’ve been given and my passion for community in the online space.  I want to begin to partner with like-minded people and dream big together.

Then I want to build it.

Not sure how all of this is going to get started, but, I’m going to be putting my stake in the ground.  My job isn’t done in the online space yet, and there is definitely a great need.  The world has proven that technology can help develop relationships; I want to make sure that we’re being used to develop eternal ones as well.