It’s fascinating how things change and yet how a lot of things stay the same. I relaunched and combined 6 different properties into a new blog called ChurchMag.

For those that have been following me a while you’ll remember that in September of 2008 I launched the first blog of many – it grew way beyond what I thought it could do. How far we’ve come.

Blogging, as a vocation and as a lifestyle is pretty different than most other jobs. It requires a lot of you but also gives you the freedom to be those things that it requires. For the right person and personality it is freeing and exceptionally challenging at the same time. Your reward is both internal and external.

It’s hard to describe my feelings for blogging as it’s evolved over time – but it’s still as simple as it ever was: Communicating what I love to people interested in listening.

Such a simple concept can change the world.