A Clear Calendar

I bet my calendar is prettier than yours. I bet that I have a “lighter” and “more clear” weekly calendar than most of you.

And therein lies one of my secret weapons of productivity. You see, I hate meetings. I. Fucking. Hate. Meetings.

People ask me how I get so much done and although there may be a few tricks here and there the “magic” is pretty simple – I don’t waste time all my time talking to people.

I shared this gem of an idea at a conference keynote last week (I’m not sure I’ll be invited back) which was counter-intuitive and a bit contrarian, especially since the event’s theme was collaboration and connecting with others to get stuff done:

One of the greatest distractions that you have to get shit done is other people.

You see, at the end of the day you are responsible for getting the work that you need to get done, done. It’s not your team, your personal assistant, or your staff of lackeys. It’s you. Just you.

And if you’ve booked yourself out to meet with all these people then you’re most likely wasting a lot of valuable time. How many of those meetings are really that essential to your project? How many of those meetings are really that necessary?

I bet many of them are excuses. I bet many of them are really lame attempts to feign productivity. I bet most of them are a complete bore. I bet most of them don’t amount to much or accomplish anything of significance. I bet most of them can be completely wiped off your schedule and no one would cry and no one would complain.

Then why don’t you? Why don’t you clear your calendar of distraction and get the stuff that you need to get done?

You want to change the world? You want to get that app done? You want to be a full-time entrepreneur? You want to be a full-time fill_in_the_blank whatever? Then why are you spending so much of your week stuck in a meeting with other people who are infinitely less ambitious than you are? Who are content with wasting their time and everyone else’s?

Save yourself, please. The world is waiting for your great invention; it isn’t waiting for your next meeting to get done.