[Read this: The Difference Between a Mentor and Coach. This will determine what you ask and how you will engage with me. It will also be one of the first things that I ask about.]

The best and the brightest have coaches, mentors, and people in their lives that can give them objective counsel and wisdom.

I know that my own success has depended on a number of people much wiser than myself to help me make the important and critical decisions for my own personal and professional success. I’m not sure where I would be without them.

I actively consult and coach others to help them achieve their own goals with a client list of individuals and leaders from startups to the Fortune 500. My approach is highly pragmatic, a unique blend of behavioral science and good ol’ fashion tough-love.

This is a paid / contractual relationship and is billable by hour, usually in the form of a monthly retainer.

My style of engagement is one characterized as “high-touch” and “unusually-personal” – I particularly like the challenge of getting to know the person and the team and partnering with them to uncover the hidden opportunities just below the surface.

Some of the more typical reasons why an organization or an individual asks for my help are:

  • Starting a New Venture: I can help isolate needs and simplify decision-making so you can get your new startup off the ground quickly and efficiently. Coaching may include strategies on raising Angel and Venture Capital.
  • Professional Transition: I have helped many make positive steps on transitioning from one professional environment to another, either out of corporate life into self-employment or providing the tools necessary to break through their current professional ceiling into the next stage or even into the executive suite.
  • Strategic, Executive Coaching & Counsel: I’ve been asked to assist leadership teams, executive boards with the top-level strategic counsel as well as helping create a 3rd-party and objective look at tough corporate challenges. From hiring to firing and everything in between.
  • Product Development and Launch Strategy: As a software engineer and product developer for 20 years, I’ve built and launched consumer and enterprise apps with great effect, leading to acquisition. Some of my smaller, indie projects have won “Best Apps of the Year” by Apple.
  • Communication and Leadership Workshops: I received a Masters in Education with a focus on behavioral science and high-performance team development. This is one of my personal passions! It also helps that I’m a certified marriage / pre-marriage counselor. Helping organizations communicate better through empathy and systems design.
  • Technical Due Diligence: I have been recruited to help technically review opportunities for venture capital investment as well as M&A. My process is both a product / technology deep-dive as well as technical leadership assessment.

I am flexible on timing and delivery – sometimes an on-campus visit is the best while for others a Skype / Google Hangout call is all that is necessary.

Please drop me a line if you’re interested in learning more via email: johnsaddington [at] gmail [dot] com