CoinPuffs: “Add to Favorites” (Registration Open to Patrons First!)

Hey all,

As I shared previously, we’ve been working on making a few updates to CoinPuffs after getting a ton of great feedback from the community.

To cut to the chase, here are the updates that we’ve made (and why we need a bit of your help to test)!

Top Winners and Losers

One of the things that folks have asked about consistently is an expanded view on the Biggest Winners and Biggest Losers in the cryptocurrency market.

Well, we’ve added that and it is now live on the site:

You can see the Winners here and the Losers here.

Hopefully that’s useful!

Featured Toggle

Folks have asked for an ability to simple see the Featured Coins quickly and easily.

Done and done:

You’re welcome.

Personal Favorites List

Finally, we’ve built a simple system where you can create your own “Watchlist” but… we need your help to test!

As you can see, there’s a new button on each Coin Page:

And then there’s a new page to see all of your Favorite Coins:

To help us test:

Please note that Registration IS NOT PUBLIC YET… so, all of you need to try it out and let us know how it works and if you’re having any issues… and so don’t go sharing these links quite yet!

Later in the week (or next week) we’ll release it publicly… but, we need your help first to give it a good run.

Thanks! Provide feedback, as you normally do, on The Bitcoin Pub!

– Dogelord